Hi there, my name is Sheshalom and I would like us to be friends. you see I’m getting on this journey of raising my self value. Most times I forget that I need to value myself higher first for the rest of the world to see my value.

During this process I want to get on the journey with you and see if we can encourage each other. Life becomes easier with its being travelled with others, otherwise it becomes lonely. To tell you the truth I have attempted to start a blog before but I had no idea what to say or do. I have attempted to start different businesses but I ended up not thinking I can do it.

Self doubt is one of the worse things I have always had in the back of my mind. I’m sure I am not the only one who struggles with self doubt. The worse is being so ambitious and knowing that if I can just push myself harder I can do it. What if? There is is, the self-doubt comes running and Sheshalom ends up giving up. Most people we want to quit before we fail entirely. This makes us not to try at all. I don’t know why you are here but I believe you stumbled on this page because you are looking for more in your life. Thats exactly what I want, I could lie and say my life is perfect, i value myself very highly and I make a bunch of money. That would all be lies, as I’m writing I have no job, I have less that $500 to my name, been sleeping at 6 am to wake cup at 2pm so I can just lose time. This is not a life of someone who’s valued herself on a higher level.

So join me on this journey, to learn how to improve my life and of course yours as well. How can I become confident in myself? I am very cautious when it comes to sharing about my life but I want to take this opportunity with you my new friend so you get to know me and I you.

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  1. Wow! I love it! ❤️ I find myself struggling with What ifs and self doubt as well but I am prepared to change that, at least from the degree it’s at. Thank you for sharing, can’t wait for what’s to come! 🤗

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