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Hie there, I’m back with my second post still with no idea where this will lead to. Like I mentioned in my first post being vulnerable and sharing my thoughts has always been a very had thing for me. So this is a new venture and would appreciate any feedback. Alright so as I’m still getting a hang of writing and sharing I have to say some of the ideas I will be sharing will not be mine. In this process of self growth, development and value I will take a page out of some great people out there who seem to have mastered the whole idea of self educating, growth, and hey wealth we all want that ( I do anyway).

Learning can be hard, but it is a very necessary thing in life to grow. I always thought I would go very with school. I enjoyed learning but not the quizzes and papers which is ironic now I’m here writing. Yea so exams and whatnots I didn’t care much of them but enjoyed the whole process of getting new information, ideas, knowledge. I always thought school was the only place I could get it, get the feeling of witnessing as my intellect grows. It wasn’t until I couldn’t go anymore I realized that I have more options. Learning is all about the will, the desire to look for what you want to know, the desire to grow can make you look till you find. I was so amazed by how much information is out there waiting for me.

As you can see I have no direction in this post but I’m going for it anyway. Here’s a thought, if you are like me who with different reasons you didn’t go further with school. I will tell you this, that is not the end. It took me a while to accept my circumstance, tried to justify to my friends like I’m okay with how things turned out, even tried to play the victim just to get some remorse From friends. But guess what! it doesn’t matter what they show me, I was the one feeling it so even though my friends felt sorry or understood all the excuses I was telling them, they were not in my shoes or your friends are not in your shoes to make you feel better. So I tell you this friend, go out there look for information, read books, watch YouTube channels depending on what knowledge you want to broaden.

Anyway we are still pretty new friends so I will take my time and try to reveal myself in each post so we can know each other better.

Send me and email or leave a comment below so I know I’m not alone on this journey of self growth.

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