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Hey there, so as I was going to bed and praying and realized I was smiling. I stopped and had a though, like wow!! for the first time I’m not trying to know every little detail of what I’m doing. Normally when I start a new venture I try to know every little detail, how the outcome will be, will it workout or not, what title should I put? I’m literally writing this without a topic. Its so freeing knowing that I’m doing this for me and no pressure on the details or the outcome. The problem with focusing on the outcome mostly it became overwhelming and I’d just drop it. So this my friends is amazing.

So if you are like me on trying to figure everything out before starting the journey, join me in this venture where we just go as the flow takes us, of-course with eyes open so we don’t miss opportunities on the way but not focusing on the outcome before learning during the journey first. It is good to do due diligence when starting anything but at a certain point realizing that you can know everything is good too.

One day I was listening or perhaps watching YouTube videos and one of the speakers ( dont remember his name), said the problem with most young people want to go from 1 to 100 without counting the other numbers. Life is a journey, meaning you pass through different roads some bumpy and some smooth. Sometimes you even need to climb the mountain and it doesn’t happen overnight. Yea I am guilty of that too, thinking what I’m doing will do go smoothly and will be done in no time or profitable immediately. I always heard the concept of traveling through life but it never really resonated with me. It still sometimes doesn’t till I remind myself that sheshalom its not a splint, take a deep breath and look around and see how far you’ve gone. You can’t give up now and let fear defeat you.

Anyway so my friend on this journey that we are both taking of self education, motivation and growth lets keep each other in check. To make sure we both don’t forget that this life is worth living and can be awesome if we just take our time to realize how great we are. To stop waiting for other people to tell us but to look in the mirror everyday and say to ourselves I’m great and awesome. Yea I also have those days when everything seems to be going wrong, wondering why I even exist. As we go on knowing each other better I’ll share more of my stories and I hope you share yours as well. Just know if you are frustrated you’re not alone but you are the only one who can get yourself out of whatever it is.

Alright friend, as always which its just been a few days please leave a comment below and sign up for email notifications so we can be in touch and not miss each other.

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