What is your why?

Hey there my friend, i’m sure by now you are getting comfortable getting to know me as i am of sharing. I hope my messages, stories, motivations touch that one person who really needs it. If you are here that means this is for you.

Anyway to day i want to ask what is your why? The question most people we have not been able to answer is why. Why do i wake up everyday, why do i go to the job i hate, why do i want to lose weight, why do i want to make more money. Its a question that seems like needs a simple answer but yet most peope haven’t been able to answer. Yes, i believe there’s a reason and purpose why everything happens in life and if you are a believer like me you know God has a purpose for you. Then you ask what is it, why did He put me here. My job sucks, finances i’m going hand to mouth. why!!!!!

To tell you the truth i haven’t figured out most of my why questions either. On this journey that i have taken i am working to getting to answer mine. So my friend let’s help each other to get to that point. The point where when you wake up knowing exactly why God put you here. I used to have alot of pressure when i see my friends or other people who seemed to have figured out there why. But as it turns out not many people know all their answers to the question. A few years a go i went on a journey of weightloss and i was able to lose quite alot of it. Almost 50 pounds gone, my reason was to fit in clothes that i saw where cute that summer. I worked so hard that i managed in a few months, i had a why answer. But guess what, a few months later during winter season i got it all back and its been hard ever since to lose it again. I had the answer but it was not strong enough to keep motivating me to keep on working on my health. This goes to tell you that answering the question should not be taken lighly. You want to have a strong enough reason, not just a seasonal one otherwise you’ll be back to zero.

I like reading and my most recent book i have read is the compound effect by Darren Hardy. He talks alot about reaching goals, financial, life in general. He said to start a new habit you need to be patient. I am guilty of just going full speed when i want to start something new and eventually get tired because i took on alot. He talks about compounding in habits aswell as in finace. Good habits can be compunded in a period of time and so do bad ones. So when we answer our why we need to be patient and start training our minds again, compounding the new ideas, habits till one day will realise it all comes natural. I’ll make an example of one of the greatest investors in the world warren buffet. I want to learn and get to his level, so i got into studying investing and got carried away by gimmicks like day trading, options trading which its not investing. I compounded the wrong information and forgot my why. Warren buffet got where he is after compounding his knowledge since he was 10 years old. Thats a very long time and just shows to tell how powerful it is to compound over time.

So whats your why? Think for a moment, write down any reason you think thats it. look at it and think is this why a seasonal one or a forever one. We want to grow for our whole lifetime. Atleast thats what i want, i dont know what you want but i believe that whatever it is, with patience, purpose and zeal you can do anything.

Anyway i’ll finish with my favorite verse, philipians 4:13 “i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

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  1. This is great thanks for sharing the insight ineeded every one need introspection of his or her on life
    Stay blessed!

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