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Hey there friend, so i thought of putting an image in today’s post. I looked around in my gallery and found this image my friend took. Yea my best friend went to a gala and took a picture of the meal she had. Just at the look of it without knowing the story behind i’m sure you assumed it had something to do with me.


So i thought of what to talk about today and as always thoughts start coming as i’m writing. I know not very professional revealing how i am getting this process. I thought of sharing on self image. On this journey of self growth in all aspects of our life i thought i should talk about image. In this day and age we have social medias like facebook, instagram, youtube and so forth. Awesome places to share and be part of the globe but also dropping alot of people’s self esteem/value. When we look at the images online all we assume is what the picture is perceiving. Alot of people we can act like it does not affect us when we look at our life not as great as the pictures and videos we are watching, not as shiny as beyonce’s life, not as exciting as the kardashians. We look at the image without the story. This ends up making us feel sad or not very confident when we look in the mirror and not seeing a body like kim kardashian, when we look in the garage and not see a car that’s worth a small country’s gdp. This affects us all, even though the picture above doesn’t have that much of a story than i’m not the one who ate it or took the picture but it is representing everything else that we look at our friends, instagram models, tiktok stars. They all have stories and if you take your time and look at them, or if you have an opportunity ask, I’m sure they will tell you the process. The amount of time it takes them to look the way they look, or have what they do now. Some will even tell you they dont sleep much to keep the type of lifestyle and keep making what they do.

It’s crazy how we want things but most people dont want to do the work. I want to lose weight like i mentioned in my previous post, but i am dreading eating healthy, exercising. Though i know what i need to do i have not gotten myself to do it, its on me. No one can make me get to where i want, no one can help me get the image i want. Oh, and by the way the image above where my bestfriend went to the gala, it was her school where she is studying her masters in MBA where they got invited to celebrate the life of on of the former presidents of united states. To get that image she had to be at the school getting her masters. I might say oh i want to go meet different people of high status or eat that amazing chicken. Its not going to happen because that is not my story nor my path.

As human beings we all have different paths that we take in life. whether we’ll use the longer route or you get lucky and find a shortcut, wait to capture your picture with a story that you get to tell us.

Thank you for your support and sharing your time with me. I hope my insights are helping. Dont forget to like, comment and follow so we dont miss each other on the next post. I’d like to hear your feedback. I love you friend

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  1. True! We spend too much time comparing our lives to others’ when we all have different lives and but one life to live!

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