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Hey there friend, so today I wanted to share about blueprints. If you dont know what a blueprint definition is the dictionary meaning says its a design plan or other technical drawings.

I was reading the secret of the millionaire mind and he talked about changing our money blueprint. As human beings our minds adapt to what they’ve been accustomed to our whole lives. So if your family was not good at saving money, or there were a lot of arguments because of money your money design already will be from that experience. So he said for one to be successful one has to change how they perceive money.

I found this concept very interesting and realized that I also haven’t changed or updated most of my blueprints. Things we hear while young, things we experience they come back in our adult life and we wonder how come things are not changing. This is because we haven’t gone back and look at our original blueprint to change the design. To change the design and get it to the level we want now. He goes on and says if from a scale of 1 to 10 problems, 1 being very small and 10 very big problems. If you grow your mindset to the level of 3, and have level 5 problems you’ll definitely feel the pressure of the problem you have. If you grow yourself to level 10 and have a level 5 problem, it wont even be a problem rather an issue you need to get done like brushing your teeth. To get the this level of growth needs a look back to see where your design needs to be updated.

So I was talking to my friends one day I told them when I get rich and they are not I’ll dump them ( lol ), of-course joking. But the point is its okay to remove some of the people that are making you not redesign your life. Yes we all need friends but do you need that friend who looks down on you, who thinks you can’t amount to anything, who when you want to study he/she wants y’all to go clubbing because he knows he’s already failed. No we don’t need those, so going back to search in our life some relationships have to be part of the redesigning blueprints.

It’s okay to say I need to focus right now, give me space. I need to concentrate on this design, making sure every thing is in place.

What blueprint in your life needs updating?

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11 thoughts on “Self blueprint”

    1. Brilliant thought being in construction myself I can relate. What you build must match the blue print. If you want something new change the blue print!

  1. This is so true. I just finished reading “The mindset of a Millionaire” and the author way saying something in the same lines as the book you just referred to. One of my friends talking to me about the same topic. This topic is following me lol

    I am redesigning blue prints. This is a sign that I need to do it. I can’t come across similar information and stay the same. Thank you for this. Love you too

  2. True! We can’t chose where to be born but we can definitely do something about how we want to live

  3. This resonates with me. I have been reading a book on designing your life and some of the stuff you have mentioned are in it. This is super inspiring 🙌
    Go girl

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