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Hello friend, I love coffee like most people but unlike most people, I can’t have coffee past a certain time of the day. If I do have coffee past noon, I have a hard time sleeping at night like right now, it’s 4:15 am and I’m writing. I know that when the seasons change my body takes time to adjust and responds with allergies or sinuses. I know that if I keep eating cake or fast food, it will not help me lose weight even though I’m going to the gym. 

I know that if I don’t continue to read more, and search for more knowledge I’ll remain on the same level. I know that I am not the driver in my life but God. I know watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians (now The Kardashians) will make me wonder about myself. I know watching Secret Lives of the Super Rich will make me remember that I am not yet rich. I know that I need to be able to socialize to meet new people. I know that bad company corrupts good character. I know that an idol mind is the devil’s workshop. I know that I am 26 years old. I know that because I didn’t go very far with school I need to work extra hard. I know that becoming rich is not easy. I know that I need to take a shower everyday. I know that Instagram doesn’t always show what exactly is happening in someone’s life. I know that I need to eat to be healthy.

There’s a lot I know about myself, I am pretty sure you have your own list too. Even though I know all this I still sometimes drink coffee late, I forget to have allergy medication ready, I go browse on instagram and feel anxious about my life. I sometimes watch The Kardashians. I even sometimes forget that I am a passenger and God is the driver; the director. There’s a lot we know about ourselves but yet we still forget or just ignore; also, there’s a lot we don’t know about ourselves. I am not entirely sure where I am going with this post but it dawned on me as I couldn’t sleep that how come I keep repeating the same mistakes of which I know the results – it’s like writing the same test over and over and keep failing.

A lot of people, we’re just walking through life without really being awake. Warren Buffet  once said in an interview to not sleep-walk through life. If we keep repeating the same things, it means we are not fully awake. We need to wake up and realize that when winter is coming, we need to get ready with winter jackets, or if you are where it snows be ready with ice scrappers. During summer, be ready with all the light clothes, we know its coming but we always act like we got surprised.

I never used to look at the weather of the day, I relied on my friend to tell me because every morning before school she checked. Once we stopped living together I still never did, and I’d go out and it starts raining. I know I need to check the weather, but because I got my mind to depend on my friend to know about the weather, I never got to train it different. How long are we going to rely on others to tell us its going to rain or the sun is coming out? It is time to empower ourselves, to say, “Sheshalom, get your butt up, don’t drink that coffee, check the weather!” It is time we stop blaming things around us when we are not paying attention. 

Think about the things you know about yourself and try to figure out the things you don’t know. Ask your friends what they think of you and reflect,  empower yourself to do things that you thought you wouldn’t!

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