Hello friend, I have one question for you today. Are you all in? If you are a gambling person you are aware of how dangerous going all in can be. I looked up what it means to go all in during a poker game, and it means putting all your remaining chips into the middle of the pot. Apparently it can be effective as a bluffing tool, “All in” betting that your opponent has the right cards for you to win.


I want us to think about our lives for a moment, have you ever gone all in ? Ever got to a point where you call bluff on life, work, relationships, finances? If I’m being honest this is something I haven’t done much either. I always thought I was one of those people who just go head on and do things but sometimes one foot is out looking for another way for me to go. When I want to go all in, I get scared and always try to find another option; a back up plan. What if we just went through life with no back up plan but with just life. Deciding this is what I want to do and I’ll go for it, all in! No other option or direction! I know it’s scary especially when you think of the “what if”.

A lot of us, we don’t want to deal with the anxiety or stress that comes with going all in. For example, I watched one of Elon Musk’s interviews and he mentioned how he took all his profits from PayPal and invested in Tesla or SpaceX (not sure which one). He went all in and even when he was at the brink of bankruptcy, he had to face all the uncertainties, all the negative comments from investors and even some people who didn’t have anything to do with his company. He did not budge until he was successful. All the successful people I have studied about had to make a decision at one point to say this is all I want to go, I’ll go all in till the day I stop breathing. I like studying successful men and women, most of them with self made wealth have similar stories. Steve Harvey has said in interviews how he was homeless for three years after quitting his job to become a comedian. He did not see a place to stay as an obstacle, he went all in on his dreams.

I want you and I to have the same courage and say this is what I want and I’m going all in, facing all the consequences knowing that one day it will pay off! What is holding you back to go all in? What scares you the most? I am afraid I’ll fail and not make my parents proud, heck I am not proud of me right now. So my friend let us go all in, let us not settle for comfort, rather, let’s follow our dreams and passions in life!

Thank you for continuously supporting me, I have always wanted to share my thoughts through writing, podcasts, books,etc. This is my first step to going all in and. sharing what I’m learning. As always please like, comment and share. Love you friend.

4 thoughts on “ALL IN”

  1. I love that! Sometimes as people, we are afraid to go all in cause of the unknown but also maybe experiences; be it our own or some people’s. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t stop us from going after what we really want in life with everything we’ve got!

  2. Love this one. Life is an adventure, it’s beautiful and it’s scary when you don’t see the in between to the finish line, but at the same time that’s what makes it exciting, and it’s impossible to see the excitement if you don’t go all in. As a fully devoted follower of Jesus, i have learned that He requires us to give our all, nothing less. He is excellent, and this helps me and reminds me daily to be all in

  3. That’s so true sometimes we tend to look down on ourselves thinking that we cannot do it the way other people have done it, but then its just a matter of focusing on what we want for ourselves not what will people think about us.Success comes where focus has been observed.

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