Don’t lose focus and don’t lose yourself

This past weekend, I had this conversation a lot: losing focus. If you look back to what you aspired to be when you were young and how motivated you were, and life kicks you in the butt and think there’s no way I can achieve what my younger self wanted – I want to encourage you and myself not to lose focus on our dreams, whether we’ve taken a lot of detours making our journey longer than it needed to be, now is the time to get back on the right path. Driving at the right speed, don’t try to over speed thinking you’ll arrive faster, else you may just end up having an accident. Look around you before you start driving, look in the rearview mirror when driving but do not go back. When we lose our focus, our minds get lost as well and we start feeling like there’s no purpose to life. Let’s keep our eyes focused on the road and knowing that eventually our destination will be revealed.

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