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God is personal


It is amazing when I look back at things that have happened in my life and wonder how I went through them. For the longest time in the life I was a very anxious person and got to the level of panic.

Woke up today not knowing what am feeling and decided to call my friend with no reason. One thing you should know about me, I don’t like being on the phone before noon, she was surprised I called.

I was feeling anxious realized that’s the feeling I was having and I told her, to my surprise she remembered she had a dream about me being very anxious and tearing up in her dreams. In the dreams she told me God sees you and He’s got you, you are not alone.

God is personal

Having no idea that God spoke to my friend through her dream to speak to me, I called her. God made sure I know that He knows me personally and knows that my friend will let me know not to worry and trust in Him.

I want you and I to know that whatever we are going through God has us, He is telling you too that you’re not alone.

Trust in His Voice

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