What every 26 year old who has yet to get their life together is going through

It is tiring to think when things will change, when will my life start going according to how I planned. How will I get to where I want to get? When will my turn come? All my friends are getting ahead in life, whether relationship wise, career wise or general progress. How come my life doesn’t seem any meaningful.

If you’re a 26 year old like me who’s yet to make it in life I believe the above questions are some of the things that go through in your mind. And to make it worse if your single that’s gotta sting more. I know, I am single and it’s not fun when I need someone to complain to, or just talk to. Anyway I don’t even know if I can give any advice on this rather just write coz I’m going through the same.

Who the hell said growing up is fun. I don’t see the fun in it especially when all the time my mind is thinking on how to turn my life around. Like I mentioned above I’m single but I also don’t wanna get in a relationship when I haven’t figured myself out. Anyway to those who have figure out this life, how long does it take? What did you do better that I’m not doing? Please lemme know.

As I’m writing I’m sitting in a Starbucks cafeteria on my phone writing because it was not planned. I’m sitting by the window facing in the direction of the next shopping center. Gazing at the sun, and sometimes when the sun goes I get a cooler feeling. Sitting next to two girls on their laptops seem busy. I think they’ve got it together, who’s to know. But looking around that’s what I’m thinking do all these people know what they want? I’m I the only one struggling with what I should do next? Should I ask them? Nah!!! I’ll just assume they are better than me, maybe they are thinking the same thing about me.

It is crazy how this world works, we all in our own little worlds thinking our world is worse than the next persons or if your is good thinking it’s better than the other. I deliberately slept at 6 am today so I can wake up mid day, to make my day a bit shorter so my day doesn’t get to be long to think why I am not busy.

Anyway that’s enough complaining for the day, hopefully your day is going well. I’ll go ahead and finish my chai tea latte now.

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