What I love and hate about being an average person.

I thought my mind was done thinking but I guess I was wrong. If you’re reading this pretend you’ve found my diary and reading in secret. You don’t want me to catch so your won’t say anything to me.

Anyway I have been an average person my whole life. Average looks, average intelligence, semi average singing voice, average dancing skills. Anyway have you ever had that thought, of what you like or hate about being average that is if you are anyway.

What I love

I love that because I’m an average performer nobody expects much from me. Not from school and not in life so that kinda takes off the pressure that other people go through. I love the fact that I’m not at the top or the bottom so don’t have a lot of attention coming to be. I can fly under the radar and nobody will notice.

What I hate

I hate the fact that I’m average at singing or dancing. I love these two but I can’t do them very well to showcase. I mean yea I can practice to hone my skills but can you just listen. This is me giving my excuses I don’t need your judgment. That’s what as people we start going through our mind when we are being given criticism. I want to be strong enough to say I can do anything, but let’s face it. That’s what parents tell kids so they don’t cry or they can aim high otherwise we all know it’s not true. As a person you can’t do anything you want.

So what can one do

I guess just suck it up and live life, go with where life is taking you and just hope you find some fulfillment along the way. Otherwise if we all were able to do anything we want life would be boring. So I guess what I’m saying is everyone’s life sucks in one way or another.

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