My Shesha

A journey to self growth

Remember to water your life. Feed it and don’t let it starve, don’t let it be depleted of water, always keep it alive. Feed your mind, so that it can always be green and blooming.

Hey friend, welcome and thank you for taking your time to spend time with my thoughts on this page. I hope we can make this a long term friendship. We can learn from each other’s life and experiences, share ideas on how we can grow ourselves. I am so excited about this journey to learn and execute all the things I’ll be learning on this journey. I always tell my friends that I wasn’t meant to be poor and my life I will make sure I get filthy rich or die trying. Yea, fun to say but the process needs growth. First to get my mind to the level and execute what I learn to get there. All it starts with is with the mind, let’s make up our minds and do what we desire in this life.

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